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Whether you are building your dream from the ground up, or breathing new life into an existing development, GIM Construction can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Established in 2000, GIM Construction has steadily grown its business based on superior quality and customer satisfaction approach. Our growing reputation as one of New York’s reliable construction company supports a stable positioning in construction market.

Through the years the GIM Construction name has become synonymous with quality. We stand by that reputation, and we will continue servicing the New York area with integrity and dedication. For our company, success is defined by one simple criteria – Customer Satisfaction.

If you are interested in our services, or just want to see what we can do with your ideas, contact us today with your design plans for more details and estimate. With a commitment to quality and value, we will make your construction project well worth the investment.

Mike 2

Michael Davydov

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur that was able to combine charm with professionalism thus earning trust and great relationship with all clients.

Dennis 2

Dennis Mavashev

Managing Director

A man of multiple talents that is able to achieve goals each and every time within the designated budget and time frame.

Natalia 2

Natalia Larosa

Office Manager

The nicest person you can ever come across in the office environment that organizes and coordinates all administration duties and office procedures.