With roots in the New York area, we understand the needs of our clientele. Our customer is our partner. We provide a variety of services that allow us to take on virtually any construction project in existence. From custom homes to renovations, small commercial vendors to multi-story buildings, we have literally done it all.  Simply, if you can think of it, we can make it happen. We know that you have been creating your dream space long before you visited this website. And regardless of the scale of your vision, we have all the resources you need to move your ideas into development. From pre-construction all the way to the finished product, our role is to represent your best interests. We work carefully to design a plan that maintains the cost and schedule of the project. We also implement an open book policy which keeps our clients in the loop during each step of the process, and decisions are made in accordance with everyone involved.

What really separates GIM Construction from other construction companies is that we are one of the few companies that give our clients a major seat at the deciding table with principal point – no idea is impossible. GIM Construction has all the tools available to make your vision come true – transform it into reality.